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WWE 2K22: How to win Money in the Bank in MyRise

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WWE 2K22 has been a huge success, both critically and in terms of the fan reception of its release, but how do you win Money in the Bank?

The game has been released on multiple platforms and has been receiving glowing reviews, especially in comparison to WWE 2K20, the last release.

WWE 2K20 received a Metacritic score of 43 on PS4, as well as a user score of just 1.6. It’s fair to say that it did not go down at all well.

WWE 2K22, by comparison, has received a Metacritic score of 76 on PS5, as well as a user score of 7.8.

It is a major step up when compared to the last iteration, and there are a number of impressive additions to the game when compared with previous iterations of the franchise.

This year adds MyGM, MyRise, and MyFaction, with MyRise allowing you to create your own superstar and climb the ranks in WWE.

You’ll be given the opportunity to win multiple championships, while you can also compete for the Money In The Bank briefcase.

It is one of the more difficult matches in MyRise, as you’ll have to beat five other men to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase.

But how exactly do you go about winning the match?

How to win Money in the Bank in WWE 2K22

The match itself isn’t easy because of the way it works.

You’re going to be facing off against five high-ranked superstars, and they’re all going to be trying to climb the ladder as well.

The first thing to be aware of are the ladder match controls just in case you haven’t done a ladder match before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

The specific controls for ladder matches are as follows…

Grab Ladder (when next to ladder): L1 (PS4,PS5) / LB (Xbox consoles)

Place Ladder: L1 or X/LB or A

Lean Ladder (when near the corner and prompted): X/A

Climb Ladder (when at foot of ladder): R1/RB

Reach For Object (when at top of ladder): L1/LB

Mini-Game (after grabbing object): R2 + Right stick/RT + Right stick

Light and Heavy Attacks: Square and X/X and A

Ladder Finisher (when prompted): R2 + X/RT + A

Ladder Bridge (when near apron on outside): R2 + L1/RT + LB

When you go into the match itself, the best strategy we found is to essentially avoid the ring at the start.

Roll out but you’ll usually be followed by at least one other superstar, as there are six wrestlers in the match, with at least one likely to focus on you.

There is no reversal limit in WWE 2K22 so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reverse attacks that come towards you and avoid being stunned.

If you do get stunned later in the match, you’re not going to be able to just jump up and stop another wrestler trying to climb the ladder, so make sure to watch out for when your opponents have a signature or a finisher, and try to reverse them as quickly as possible.

There is a mini-game when you get to the top of he ladder, as you have to press the right trigger to make the little red ball enter the circle. Each time you do this, a green circle will fill up. There are eight segments to the green circle, so you’ll need to enter the circle eight times.

Now, it should be said here that your character doesn’t need to do it all; your opponents will also be attempting to fill up the circle.

WWE Hall of Famer Kane will feature in WWE 2K22.

We actually didn’t start filling up the circle until there were already five segments completed, giving us more of a chance of actually filling it fully. There is also the potential of having an exhibition ladder match before you go into the MyRise MITB match, so you’re aware of the mechanics.

At the start of the match, you’re not going to be pulling the briefcase down because everyone’s health will be so high, so our recommendation will be to try to hit your signature and finish on as many opponents as you can.

Stun them – when their health is low, they’ll roll out – and when there aren’t that many wrestlers in the ring, try to climb the ladder and fill up that green circle.

We actually waited until there were just three segments left, as we’ve mentioned, and pulled another wrestler off the ladder; we then climbed it, and managed to complete the segments, as a number of the superstars were outside of the ring.

Our best tips are as follows:

Hit your finisher and signature as much as possible.

Only climb the ladder towards the end of the match, or risk wasting your energy.

Keep a close eye on when other wrestlers have finishers or signature and do your best to reverse them.

Get up the ladder towards the end of the match, when more opponents are likely to be stunned.

Practice the mini-game if you’re in doubt by having an exhibition ladder match.

MyRise also offers you the ability to drop the difficulty level if you want to, particularly if you’re finding one match very difficult.

If you can’t get over the line with the MITB match, don’t feel guilty lowering the difficulty, and then pushing it back up once you’ve got the briefcase.


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