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Tonto Dikeh And Ex Boyfriend, Kpokpogri Have Reconciled – Mayor Blessing Confirms

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Mayor Blessing, Kpokpogri’s best buddy, has confirmed his reconciliation with Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh.

This revelation comes as a nice surprise to those who have been closely following these famous individuals’ personal lives.

Tonto Dikeh and Kpokpogri reunited two days ago, courtesy to the intervention of their close friend Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniels’ husband.

Stella Dimoko Korkus, a controversial blogger, announced on Monday, February 5th that the ex-couple had reconciled following a nasty internet battle a few years ago.

According to SDK, the reunion took place with the intervention of Senator Ned Nwoko, the husband of actress Regina Daniels.

According to Stella Dimoko Korkus’ sources, Tonto and Kpokpogiri, who had a painful separation barely months after officially proclaiming their romance, have mended their friendship. They were recently seen laughing together, symbolising their newfound friendliness.

Senator Ned Nwoko allegedly mediated the reconciliation by inviting both parties to his Abuja mansion on Sunday, February 4, 2024. During the meeting, he urged them to make peace and go on as friends.

Following the intervention, Tonto Dikeh and Kpokpogiri allegedly decided to bury the hatchet by shaking hands as a sign of peace. It is stated that Senator Ned Nwoko and Kpokpogiri are close friends, and the reconciliation was a long-awaited conclusion on the senator’s agenda.

The former couple was pictured laughing about their acrimonious confrontation, which went viral on social media a few years back.

Verifying the information, Mayor Blessing—Kpokpogri’s best friend—is currently celebrating the news on his Instagram page.

He uploaded a photo of Tonto Dikeh and Kpokpogri, thanking Ned Nwoko and his wife Regina Daniels helping rhm out.

“A very big thank you to Senator Ned Nwoko and his beautiful wife Regina Daniel Nwoko…my friends are back!” he wrote.

Source : https://www.gistmania.com/talk/topic,585172.0.html

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