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Snapchat to add watermarks on AI-generated images on its platform

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Social media site Snapchat is planning to add watermarks to AI-generated images on its platform, which allows users to exchange pictures and videos (called snaps).

The American multimedia instant messaging app and service Snapchat revealed this information in a blog post, along with the news that it will be adding a logo of a tiny ghost with a sparkling emblem to indicate an AI-generated image.

The watermark will show up when the photograph is exported or stored to the camera roll, according to the company’s statement in the blog post published on Tuesday.

According to reports, Snapchat is attempting to provide more openness to the content produced by its generative AI technologies by adding new tags and indicators to generated photographs.

“We want Snapchatters from all walks of life to have equitable access and expectations when using all features within our app, particularly our AI-powered experiences.

‘‘With this in mind, we’re implementing additional testing to minimize potentially biased AI results,” the company said on its blog.

Source: https://www.ripplesnigeria.com/snapchat-to-add-watermarks-on-ai-generated-images-on-its-platform/

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