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Nollywood movies have grossed over N800 million so far in cinemas this year

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2022 is proving to be a great year for film in Nollywood. More people are visiting cinemas and logging into streaming platforms to watch Nigerian movies. According to the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria, every Nollywood movie that has a theatrical release has collectively grossed more than N800 million, with some of them even making more than double what others did.

One such film is Jade Osiberu’s ‘Brotherhood’, which was released between September 16 and 22 in Nigerian cinemas. Less than one month since its release, it has already grossed over N165 million.

Below is a ranking of the biggest hit 2022 Nollywood films

1. King of thieves – N320,805,150

A movie about a vengeful bandit who threatens the peace of a flourishing kingdom, and the native mystical and worldly forces that must come together to stop him and save the day.

After its successful run at the box office, Prime Video acquired the rights to stream it on its platform.

2. Brotherhood – 165,000,000

Still showing in cinemas, Brotherhood follows the lives of orphaned twin brothers, as they find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Without divulging too much about the plot, their relationship, or brotherhood if you will, is put to the test when one joins a task force in charge of hunting down the other’s gang.

3. Passport – N67,311,066

Passport tells the story of Oscar and Funke, two people dealing with loneliness and looking for some excitement in their lives. To recover his passport, Oscar needs help from a tomboy who lives in the ghetto. He must work with her or miss a flight to a job interview that could change his life.

4. Dinner At My Place – N54,804,289

Starring Timi Egbuson, this movie follows the shenanigans that unfold when a proposal is interrupted. It is about a Nigerian-American who is planning to propose to his girlfriend while she is having dinner at his place, but takes a turn for the worst when his ex-girlfriend arrives unexpectedly.

5. The Blood Covenant – N43,122,100

In the tough environment of Lagos, three ambitious young men seeking their dream life find themselves drawn in by rituals and blood money without regard for right or evil.

6. The Wildflower – N41,436,405

The Wildflower depicts the tale of three women who live in the same complex and suffer various types of attacks from the guys there. One of these ladies, Rolake Dabiri, 24, decides that enough is enough and speaks out and rebels against these men.

7. Hey You! – N36,310,700

Starring Timi Egbuson again, Hey You is about how a shy geek meets a sexually assertive lady through an adults-only website, but her life is hampered by other men’s obsessive attention.

8. Ile Owo – N34,817,100

The only horror movie on this list, Ile Owo is about Busola, a woman who has always had bad luck with relationships. After being under social and parental pressure to be married to get her family out of poverty, she eventually finds Tunji, the ideal partner. Busola first finds it difficult to comprehend why a millionaire would pick her for marriage, but after accepting his proposal, she makes a series of alarming revelations that bring her closer to the truth than she ever could have imagined.

9. A Simple Lie – N33,707,200

When Boma tries to win back her ex with sympathy by telling him that she is terminally ill, her simple lie soon spirals out of control causing a domino effect.

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