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Why I fought Lagos socialite Omolara Olukotun in public – Mercy Aigbe

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A messy scene ensued Sunday evening when both women allegedly exchanged blows at an event.

Famous Yoruba actress Mercy Aigbe has explained the reasons behind her fight with her erstwhile socialite friend, Omolara Olukotun, the owner of Larrit Shoe Village (LSV), at a public gathering.

A messy scene ensued Sunday evening when both women allegedly exchanged blows at an event.

The incident occurred at the launch of Remmy Gold, a famous businesswoman’s new plaza on Unilag Road, Lagos State.

Actress Iyabo Ojo who sat next to Larrit, took to her heels when she (Lara) threw a bottle at Mercy.

Several movie stars and socialites, including Eniola Ajao and Bimbo Thomas, graced the occasion.


After the fight, Mercy, on her Instagram story, explained her side of the story.

The 44-year-old actress said Larrit was in the habit of bullying her online and physically assaulted her at the event.

“ I have been bullied online several times by Larrit (Lara). She calls me unprintable names, unprovoked; yesterday, she took it a step further by physically assaulting me.”

The mother-of-two said that Larrit slandered her online and physically. The actress claimed she tried to reach out to Larrit, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“I have patronised her business, and she has done likewise. So I was surprised and confused as she suddenly became my enemy. I sent messages to her on Whatsapp and called a few people close to her to understand why she would be an antagonist. All efforts proved abortive,” she said.

Speaking about the fight at the party, the Edo State-born actress said Larrit was still antagonistic to her and started calling her names.

“At the party Yesterday, she started with the same energy, throwing words at me, calling me names and being disrespectful. Initially, I kept calm and didn’t respond to her, people around her appealed to her to stop, yet Lara wouldn’t stop. And so I decided to stand up for myself and retaliated with the same energy,” Mercy wrote.

Mercy’s response to Larrit did not go down well with the shoe merchant, which provoked a fight between the ladies at the event and resulted in fisticuffs.

The fight

A viral video surfaced online, establishing that the fight started after Mercy and Larrit got into a heated argument at the plaza.

During the party, Mercy conversed with Eniola Ajao about her husband, Kazim Adeoti, when Larrit, seated across her table, shaded her, saying she was just a second wife.

Mercy Aigbe and Laritt
Mercy Aigbe and Laritt

In retaliation, Mercy instructed the DJ to play songs to shade Larrit.

At first, it seemed as though Larrit was trying to maintain her calm, not until Mercy allegedly started calling her names.

It provoked Larrit to throw a bottle at Mercy in anger.

Mercy was later captured on video, leaving the party venue dishevelled while being assisted by onlookers and guests.


Mercy married Mr Adeoti, a famous Yoruba film producer and marketer, in January 2022.

While this is Mercy’s third shot at marriage, it is Mr Adeoti’s second marriage.

Mr Adeoti is a father of four, while his first wife, Oluwafunsho, who lives in Minnesota, U.S., is a notable fashion designer and owner of Asiwaju Couture.


Following the fisticuffs between the actress and Lagos socialite, Iyabo Ojo shared photos of herself at the event as she reacted to the fight, which she described as a ‘vawulance’,

She wrote, ‘The look you give when you don’t support Vawulance”.

Meanwhile, the socialite posted a video on the Instagram page where she claimed that contrary to speculations, she was not in a contest with anyone for a man.

The socialite said she would not engage in a social media fight and rant with anyone, but she was ready to reply to any tantrum.

Recently, Mercy has been making headlines after she unveiled her new husband.

The union news sparked several controversies since Mr Adeoti’s first wife, Oluwafunsho, accused the actress of betraying her trust and snatching her husband.

While Mercy argued that her husband, a Muslim, was entitled to more than a wife, Mrs Abeoti claimed that Mercy was always a problem in her marriage.

Mrs Adeoti debunked claims by her husband that she had accepted the actress as a second wife, vowed that she would never get a second wife in her marriage, and described the actress as his side chick.

The actress, despite criticism, continues to flaunt romantic pictures and posts of herself and her new husband on social media.

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