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Timi Frank Congratulates Kenya’s President-elect

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A former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank has congratulated Kenya President-elect, Mr. William Ruto.

Frank in a statement Wednesday in Abuja commended  the people of Kenya for their peaceful disposition during the presidential election and for voting for change in the East African country.

Frank who is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Ambassador to East Africa and Middle East, also called on the outgoing President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, to urgently initiate a peace and reconciliation process among the key actors during the election in order to curb the pockets of restiveness in some parts of the country.

He  said: “The people of Kenya have decided that the ‘Hustler-in-Chief-of-Kenya’ should be their next President through the ballot. Therefore, let the will of the people prevail.

“Kenya needs peace to move forward and President Kenyatta has a great role to play in bringing parties in the electoral conflict to the discussion table just like he did during the last election.”

Frank also called on them to stand with Ruto who represents a complete break from the established system of political succession in the country which had appeared to be restricted to the offsprings of former leaders who fought for the independence of the country.

He added: “Kenya is a peaceful country therefore, the political actors must eschew any action that can plunge the nation into a needless political crisis following the emergence of Ruto as President.

“The election of Ruto marks a new political dawn for Kenya, therefore, let the votes count. On his part, the President-elect, must be magnanimous in victory by immediately reaching out to his opponents with assurances of his readiness to work with them in the overall interest of peace and development of the country.”

Frank urged the presidential candidate of the opposition political party, Raila Odinga, to as a matter of necessity call his supporters to order in the interest of peace for the generality of Kenyans.

He said he should approach the appropriate court to challenge the results of the poll if he feels there were irregularities during the electoral process that may have denied him victory.

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