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Lionel Messi and the financial solution for his return to Barcelona

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The rumors surrounding Lionel Messi‘s return to Barcelona, ‘his home’, are intensifying so much in recent weeks that even Joan Laporta himself, president of Barcelona and the man who ‘let him go’ to PSG, has reached out to the Argentine star by assuring that “he knows that the club’s doors are open to him”.

However, this Saturday Javier Tebas made it clear during his speech at the MARCA Sport Weekend 2023 that, with the economic situation that Barcelona is currently going through, Messi can not return to the club if he does not lower his salary “a lot”.

“The only one who can do something is the club. I wish he would come back and I wish he would finish his career at Barcelona, but it doesn’t depend on us, we are not going to change the rule so that Messi can come,” Tebas clarified.

The solution that Barcelona is proposing to Messi

This being the case, and given that “it would be difficult” – according to Tebas himself – for Messi to reduce his salary considerably, Barcelona is already devising a way to offer an economic alternative to the Argentine star in order to get him to return.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the agreement would involve offering Messi a not-very high salary, but proposing in exchange to earn a percentage of the income generated by his return in different ways, especially at a commercial level.

Thus, the plan to fulfill the dream of seeing Messi back in Barcelona would already be underway and, according to Mundo Deportivo, the club would now remain in the background, without ‘making a move’ yet.

Messi is already aware of the interest of his former team, who are waiting for a gesture from the Argentine to make their next move.

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