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Full lunar eclipse create super blood Moon wey no common- See fotos

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Stargazers overnight enjoy one stunning and unusual sight – super blood Moon.

Shortly after 03:30 GMT on Monday, Earth’s orbit mean say for several minutes our planet dey positioned directly between di Sun and di Moon.

For dat time di Moon fall completely into Earth’s shadow – wey temporarily turn am to dusky shade of dark red.

Im hue dey created by sunlight being projected through Earth’s atmosphere onto di Moon’s shadowed surface.

Image shows super blood moon


Wetin we call dis foto,From di Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro di moon appeared almost orange at one point

Di lunar eclipse coincide wit one separate event – super Moon. Dis na wen di Moon dey for im closest point to Earth for im orbit and so appear larger dan usual.

Image shows blood moon


Wetin we call dis foto,Di super blood Moon set over hilltops for di Republic of North Macedonia

Dos wey dey watch out for di resulting super blood Moon get di best view from 03:29 GMT, di moment di full lunar eclipse started and di event become visible for di Western hemisphere.

For almost one and a half hours afterwards, di only sunlight we dey reach di Moon don pass through di Earth’s atmosphere turning it red.

Image shows super moon above Temple of Poseidon


Wetin we call dis foto,For Greece, spectators gather for di Temple of Poseidon near Athens to watch diMoon before di full eclipse

For Europe, di phenomenon dey only visible for some of dat time sake of say di Moon don begin to set. But for di Americas areas wey dey under clear skies dey treated to di full spectacle.

“You go actually be seeing every sunrise and every sunset occurring around di Earth at once. All of dat light go dey projected on to di Moon,” Dr Gregory Brown wey be astronomer for di Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, bin explain ahead of di event.

“If you be astronaut wey dey stand on di Moon, looking back towards Earth, you go see red ring running around di outside of our planet,” he tell d BBC.

BBC diagram

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