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Early clash rattles BBNaija S7 as housemates pick up fight

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The BBNaija Season 7 edition has been witnessing some early mild drama as Bella and Chichi engaged in an altercation, a couple of days into the show.

The fight, which broke out two days into the big brother house, saw the duo exchange words over a task assigned to them by the big brother.

Chi Chi asked for a change in the task’s routine, but Bella refused, claiming she (Chi Chi) was there when they all agreed. Bella stood her ground that they wouldn’t be changing anything.

It was the first clash among the level up housemates.

Meanwhile, fans have been reacting over the fight that ensued between Bella and Chi Chi.

Some fans on Twitter had this to say about their argument:

@Ppurplelover 2 people had an argument, but it’s only Bella you people blame?. Cook more oo. It will only make her stronger. #BBNaija

@spacesatp Lol Bella is obviously not a good dancer and chichi is trying to force her opinion on everybody. Bella is the content we signed up for #BBNaija

@ess_ther All I know is that ChiChi started giving orders from minute 1 yesterday. Someone finally changed it for her and suddenly it’s “Bella has an attitude” Mschewwwwwwwwww

@ChineduIfeoma Bella has a mean personality bt you people will never convince me dt she is a troublemaker She may be a proud girl but for now she hasn’t done anything to warrant that ceec label yt You people should rest abeg… I like both of them but don’t tag bella what she is nt #bbnaija

@riri_ems When Bella was telling them to spread the dancers all around, they disagreed and said the dancers dance differently. Now chinchin wants to come and change everything when she was obviously present when it was being decided on now Bella is a bully for refusing the change?#BBNaija

@LATTG04 Bella won’t shrink to accommodate chi chi’s controlling and bossy mama amaka nature and I totally love it #Bbnaija.

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