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Actress Ayomide Dawodu exposes marital emotional infidelity in “Single Action”

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Nollywood actress and producer, Ayomide Dawodu is currently trending on social media on account of her new movie titled “Single Action”. The Lagos-State born actress did not only bring to bear a unique marital issue plaquing many homes but she also packed a punch in the choice of her stellar cast.

According to Dawodu in a chat with Potpourri on the movie which is current enjoying positive reviews on YouTube channel, Libra TV expounds on miscommunication between couples, implacability in marriage and emotional infidelity.

She narrated the synopsis, “A young couple couldn’t agree on appropriate time to start a family due to their career aspirations and non- readiness of the wife to go through the rigours of childbirth . She took an action that led to her multiple regrets and burned her matrimonial home to ashes .”

The movie stars Ayomide Dawodu herself, Alex Ekubo, Tana adelana, Allwell Ademola, Vivian Mtechie

Seun Akindele, Blessing Nze, and many more

Speaking about the production process, she said, “ I came up with the story and called the production manager and we selected our choice of the cast that would fit into the characters of the story. At the location, I knew we selected the best actors because they all put in their best. The movie was first shot for home video audiences and online streaming but because of its glamour and a very good storyline it went to cinemas and is now showing on Libra TV, YouTube channel.”


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