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How you can become a social media style influencer with these 5 easy tips

by Tosin Ajayi

A social media influencer is a figure on social media who has established a platform and gained respect in a particular industry.

They tend to have a large audience and access to a lot of people which means they have the power to influence others with their content and reach.

Since the rise of social media, influencers have become a huge trend. These have grown a significant following due to their expertise and transparency. More and more companies are using influencers to reach out to their consumers and grab the attention of millennials with purchasing power.

The partnership between the brand and influencer is mutually beneficial. The company successfully reaches their target audience while the influencer is paid and continues to grow their following.

It’s no wonder more and more people are keen to get in on the influencer action.

Wondering how you can become and influencer and earn money through social media?

Keep reading…

1. Self-belief

The first step to realising your influencer dreams is to ensure that you have the full support of your friends and family. Many still believe that being an influencer is not a viable career option and you may come up against some resistance.

In fact, this career path requires a lot of effort and with time, you can earn a lot of money but the most important thing is to always put passion first and remember why it means so much to you in the first place.

2. Money

It’s not easy to get started when you have little or no budget but you must remember that fashion is about creativity and working with what you already have. Having lots of clothes to choose from is nice but not necessarily a must. How about using some clever styling tricks to transform the clothes and accessories that you already own? These limitations will force your creativity and separate you from other bloggers by creating looks that nobody else will have.

3. Pictures

Instagram is a completely visual platform but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the latest camera on the market or an expensive one either. Try getting creative with your camera and make use of the TONS of free photo editing apps available.

No money to hire a photographer? No problem! Just ask a family member or a friend to volunteer as your photographer. Give them some tips on how to get the best shot and how you would like your pictures to look.

4. Curate your feed

In addition to the styling of your outfits, try applying the same filter or colors to all of your pictures. With time, you’ll notice your Instagram will begin looking more curated and it will become your signature.


Growing your audience is one of the most difficult parts of being an influencer. It requires patience but with time and dedication you will notice your followers growing as your quality content and curated style starts to catch people’s eye.

Using relevant hashtags related to fashion is one way help gain exposure to a new audience and make sure to tag all of the brands in your photography and make use of geotag locations,which will also help engage new followers.

The world of influencers has become very competitive and it’s increasingly difficult to enter and dominate but everyone started from the beginning and look where they are now.

We hope this helps give you some lights to start this exciting and rewarding journey!

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