Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015



Despite President Jonathan’s plea for the release of Agbaje Salami, the Nigerian we reported on death row in Indonesia, the Nigerian will still be executed.

President Jonathan met with Harry Purwanto, the new ambassador to Nigeria for Indonesia and he discussed the impending execution of three Nigerians – Salami inclusive – for drug-related crimes.

An Indonesian court has dismissed Mr. Salami’s legal challenge over the rejection of his clemency plea by Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo.

“The court could not test the authority, consideration and substance, so the challenge could not be accepted,” Hendro Puspito, the presiding judge said.

President Widodo has a zero tolerance on drug trafficking, and he says his country has suffered immensely from the activities of drug runners.

The federal government reached out to Purwanto, saying: “We, in this context, are very aware of the consequences of drug trafficking in your country, but we still want to put it on record and we still want to appeal to you and to your president to tamper justice with mercy

“We understand that the three condemned Nigerians have gone through the judicial processes and their appeals to the President have been turned down.

“We also understand, particularly, that one of them, Mr Salami, had been moved to an Island and that any moment from now, he may be executed.

“We want to appeal to you and through you to your government that this death sentence that may be carried out on Mr Salami any moment from now should be converted to life imprisonment.”

Purwanto acknowledged the relationship between Indonesia and Nigeria, but added that the trial of the Nigerians was done transparently and that foreigners coming into Indonesia were briefed in advance about the death penalty that comes with drug trafficking. He said all legal processes relevant to the Nigerian’s trial had been exhausted, but he would relay the FG’s government to Indonesia.



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